The Official Blog for the upcoming Graphic Novel by Tony Medina

The Official Blog for the upcoming Graphic Novel by Tony Medina
The Story of a hired killer and a brave little girl.warning: this blog may contains scenes of cartoon voilence, and profanity. Reader discretion is advised.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Planning is moving along for next photo shoot...

So, I spoke with my main photographer Nuzzy Futz, and he gave some great ideas for the next shoot.

Planning is already underway with new locations and even lighting strategies... I can't wait.
I am still very excited to do this thang. He even spoke with a prospective new Actor/Actress who can fill in on the main role for the little girl "Tina" in this story..
If all goes well, we may even see the first 3 issues of this story finished by end of summer/early Fall.
I will get my poop in a group to see that happen.
Ooh. Pics!!! (click on the images to see a larger version)
These are Test Shots of one "Nick" who is no stranger to comic. Having written some scripts and worked with local artists, He is familiar with ideas and the process. He has even been part of some local independent films and movies, and last but not least, in Music with the Band:BARSTOOL MESSIAH. He had on a killer look one night and I asked to take some shots..
As if he was a Gang leader deciding: "Do I drink this shot, or shoot YOU first?

After all, I DO love my whiskey...

.. Eh.. Nah.. **BLAM!**
Hope you dig these pics as much as I dug doin' em..
See you all again soon...


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah.........with him out of the way, there is always time to enjoy a shot of good 'ol whiskey!

Anonymous said...

i didnt see these 3 before, i love the overhead shot, the first photo in the "whiskey" series. great perspective, and very nice treatment :)
your new shots, is that a man from the quitline? natalie and i agree that he looks a little scary. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

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