The Official Blog for the upcoming Graphic Novel by Tony Medina

The Official Blog for the upcoming Graphic Novel by Tony Medina
The Story of a hired killer and a brave little girl.warning: this blog may contains scenes of cartoon voilence, and profanity. Reader discretion is advised.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Pics Testing Lighting and Muzzle Flash

Thought I'd share some new pics I worked on using a new shipment of "fire-arms" and some source lighting. Like this pic---> using a "room lamp" for a light source and faking the rest in PS. I was pretty pleased with this, except for the fact that I'm a fatso. And I forgot to PS some shells flying from the guns....
Same thing here except I just did a flat, over all ink effect to the original photo, I didn't get too detailed with specifics like the face detail... just let the software do most of the work... except for the muzzle flash.. I did that.

Ok.. THIS pic I like... well of course not JUST because it's ME, but because the overall comp is good. The detail for the face and hands and arms was hand worked, I like the muzzle flash.. was a little different from the others but overall the same process. Plus, I got brass shells going "CHING!"

Ok, gotta put some of the BORING stuff, but only because it's relevant to the Comic Story process..

See, for those who are totally unfamiliar with the Comic book making process, EVERY detail in every frame is drawn by hand.. Even the boring stuff in the back ground. But sometimes the actions occuring in the background, or BG as I refer to it, are just as important as the forground (or FG). Check out "Watchmen" from Alan Moore, there are details you might otherwise miss that happen in the BG. (see if you can pick out the "more detail that I added".. )

Now this shot was for nothing more than getting tight and getting the light... I wanted to see how much detail of the pool cue and the cue ball I could get... it's great for a set up shot.. I have to rember to use this in the future. Using extreme, alternative perspectives has always been a fave of mine, especially in DC VERTIGO's "100 Bullets." Great story if you've not read it.
This shot had more color in it than I had orginally expected. When I went to PS with it, I was pleasantly surprised, especially with the Juke Box, Not much more than a set up shot...
More with the City, This building just looked cool, and looked even cooler after PS processing. Looks like a Darth Vader Corporate Headquarters. This pic also proved to me that changing a "daylight" photo into a "nighttime" photo....

My favorite bar... ever. And no.. I have yet to drink every bottle on the shelves... I love the natural lighting of the bar.. no enhancements made here other than color saturation. More pics of the bar will be made. Hope you all enjoyed these pics.. I know I have fun makin 'em.

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